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January 14th, 2005

10:11 am: Thank you Aaron!!
Aaron's lesson is completed by the end of today. I very sad.I think His lesson was very pleasant. He did the interesting talk during session, and made us laugh. I do not have confidence in my command of English. However, I wish to try hard taking advantage of having learned by this lesson. Thank you very much during one year!!! Please delight many students also with a new class.

09:48 am: Coming-of-age ceremony
Is there any custom of celebrating a coming-of-age ceremony in your country? In Japan, if you becomes 20 years old, you will accept as an adult. I became 20 years old and attended the coming-of-age ceremony on January 9 this year. In Japan, Generally, men have a suit on and a woman wears Furisode(this is a Kimono)Furisode.I think that there are more those who are pleased with the ability to meet an old friend(A junior high school and a high school) than those who are pleased with his being becoming an adult. I was very glad to have met many friends again. After the ceremony, I can play with an old friend and I think that I was able to spend pleasant time.

January 7th, 2005

02:14 pm: New year holidays
My new year holidays are not good. Because I caught a cold, so I have been sick in bed.
January 1st, I went to the shrine near my house at night. And I went Oishi mountain to watch the rising sun. It is very beautiful!! I think there is not view, which is more beautiful than this view. So 1st, I spend good holiday. But this day was very cold...
January 2nd, I was a feverish!! I should take care of my health.

December 17th, 2004

10:00 am: Test
I take an English test today.Since my speaking capability is not so good, it is anxious about it. However, since I do my best, I surely pass.

December 10th, 2004

12:48 pm: On sanday, 166 miners were killed in a gas explosion in China. THe number of casualties are the worst of its kind in China in at least 10 years. Miners refused to work, because they felt danger about this working place before this explosion. But this gas office threatened to punish absentees. When I read a report about this, I don't understand this office. So all gas offices must be careful about miners safety. In my opinion, all miners life are heavier than offices. And I think a gas explosion like this never happen.

December 3rd, 2004

10:20 am: Snow-board
Have you ever enjoyed snow-board? I enjoyed playing it last year, and I'm planning about it. But I have played only two times, so I can't play well. It is an interesting sport for me in spite of playing it needs skill. Because If you play well, You can go down and jump a steep slope. The Athletic meet with which a pro's player fights for skill every year is held. Please see thisthis, if you interested.

November 26th, 2004

10:25 am: Wakakusa mountain
I went to Wakakusa-mountain last sanday night with my friend. This mountain is set in Nara city and it is very romantic place. Nara has many historical inheritances near this mountain. So as we went to Wakakusa-mountain, we were able to see Heijyoukyo(it is ancient city).It is like a big grassland now and main palace locates on center. When we arrived at Wakakusa-mountain, we could see some deers nearby. When we walked along a dark promenade and arrived at a summit, we could see beautiful night view. I have never seen sperkling city like this. and sky was clear so stars were as sperkly as Nara. I thought All are shining. If you are at a ioss about date paln in Japan, I recommend this romantic place.

November 19th, 2004

12:39 pm: Tennis player Safin
Marat Safin overwhelmed Radek Stepanek to win his record-tying third Paris Masters title.
He played solid in this game. In first set, he could focus. So he broke Stepank immediately to move ahead in omly 35 minutes. But in second set, his concentration lapsed. So Stepank had two break points with an opportunity to lead 4-2. But when Safin started to believe himself, he changed this games stream. As a result, he won second and third set.
I think he grow up about his mind. Before, of course he was strong player. But when he couldn't control the game, he often got angry and broke his racket. so he couldn't focus and he lost the game. Now he can believe himself. so I think he'll grow up more and more and he'll become great player.

November 11th, 2004

03:15 pm: Valentino Rossi
Do you know Valentino Rossi? He who is from Italy is the No.1 fastest Moto GP(motorcycle race) rider and I think he has a positive idea. He was a champion annual by continuation for three years in Honda team. Although he belonged to the team of Honda till last year, he moved to the team of YAMAHA this year, in order to prove his riding skill. Because When he belonged to Honda, there were persons who said he was being helped by the technology of the mechanism of Honda(Of course, the technology of YAMAHA is also good). But His ability was really really gifted!! He led YAMAHA to the championship in spite of the first year. And now he became No.1 rider whom all men accept. I think his positive idea will make him a more wonderful rider in the future.

October 29th, 2004

11:48 am: Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon is very famous place. It will be visited by about five million people this year.Many of them visit by car, so the parking lots is full of cars. But the people who run the Grand Canyon park are having problem about this fact. they have put a limit on boats at the bottom of the canyon and how low airplanes can fly.But the number of cars cannot be reduced. they want to get rid of the car. because many cars make noises. the millions of visitors take much water, so animals and plants cann't take. People must change when they visit there.For example,they bring garbages home. Now I think i want to go there. If I will go there in the future, I want to be careful not to hurt there. About Grand Canyon

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